Anran Devon Indian wedding video




Devon / England

immerse yourself into the beauty of these two incredible souls at their hindu wedding in the most ultra chic farm yard venue


A huge congratulations to Shreya & Jabed on finally getting married. As with a lot of couples, their wedding plans had to change multiple times over the past COUPLE OF years, from Italy to Devon, but no matter where in the world the energy and atmosphere was truly magical.

Anran, a charming estate tucked away in the picturesque landscapes of Devon, serves as the perfect backdrop for Shreya and Jabed's wedding. Its sprawling gardens, elegant architecture, and serene surroundings provide an ideal setting for their tropical-themed celebration. The venue was adorned with an abundance of tropical elements. Imagine palm leaves, tropical flowers like orchids and lilies, and colorful bird-of-paradise blooms accentuating the decor. The color palette would be a mix of vibrant hues like deep greens, bright yellows, and pinks, creating a lively and inviting ambiance.

this beautiful hindu wedding at anran and devon had all of the elements and traditions of a south asian wedding. from the very messy haldi ceremony, to the energetic sangeet whereby Shreya and Jabed's loved ones gave speeches and surprise dance performances from the groom himself.

the stunning hindu wedding ceremony followed and a ceremony that is sometimes quite serious but was quite fun this time was a pleasure to capture. you could really feel the love the bride and groom had for each other as they really immersed themselves into the ceremony. shortly after, the couple changed into the most stunning reception outfits, tres chic and straight out of vogue, and made a grand entrance into the beautifully decorated glass house. and what better way to end the celebrations than with a silent disco!